Soup Gift Ideas

We have a lot of special gift ideas for you to give bowls and bowls of warmth, fuzziness and belly-filling deliciousness on all kinds of occasions. All gift orders can include a card with whatever special message you would like to send along with your savory selection. But, you can also order a “Soupscription” for any of these gift giving occasions listed below. With a “Soupscription” to our soups, we will send them out a different edition of our soup, hot off the stoves, once a month all year long! You can select which soup to send on which month, or we can pick one for you every month!

Here are some of our most popular gift giving ideas:

A Great Gift At Work

When you want to give a really special gift to someone at work, but just have no idea what to give them, or what kind of gift is not enough, or maybe too much... think soup!

It really is the ideal gift for a boss or co-worker. It says you care enough to give them a thoughtful gift, but it is not too inexpensive or too over the top. What's really cool is they can bring it to work with them and have it for lunch. Word will spread around about how it was you who gave it to them as a gift and management will notice. Next thing you know you there will be promotions and raises and you will be on that fast track you've been working so hard for!

Well it could happen... At the very least we are sure they will really, really, like it and it is the perfectly tasteful gift for work. Yes, that pun was intended.

Birthday Belly Full

One thing people love to get on their birthdays is free meals and food. In fact lots of restaurants offer free meals or let people sign up online for free meals and food on their birthdays. So, we know this gift idea rocks and will be sure to please!

Just find out what your birthday boy or girl's favorite soup is and let us know when their birthday is when you order it. We'll make sure they have a belly full of our homemade deliciousness to enjoy on their special day.

Note: Waiters singing “Happy Birthday: not included, you're on your own there.

Christmas Or Holiday Gift Goodness

A year-long “Soupscription” to our soup is the best Christmas or holiday gift ever in the world. Seriously, think about it. Every month a new stash of homemade goodness will be delivered to their door. Again, you can select which soups to send which month, or we can pick one for you! The goodness of soup really is a great gift idea, and since it's soup from our kitchen, it will show you care to give the very best! Not to mention, if you buy them a “Soup Subscription” it will be the gift that can keep on giving all year long!

When Someone Is Sick, Send Soup To The Rescue!

What better gift to receive when you are not feeling well, than a delicious stash of soup to slowly eat and enjoy until you are feeling like new again.

Now we are not making any medical claims or saying that our soups will cure an illness or anything like that, but we do claim they will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and that sure beats feeling sick. Although come to think of it, chicken soup has long been thought to help cure the common cold, or at least make it go away a lot faster.

So, the next time a family member, a loved one or a friend is sick or not feeling well, bring some comfort and deliciousness into their lives by sending a stash of soup to the rescue. They will really appreciate it and you never know, it may even really help them feel better quicker!

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