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When you think of gumbo, of course you probably immediately think of Louisiana where it all began. You've got your Creole Gumbo with shellfish in a thick, spicy tomato sauce, you've got your Cajun Gumbo with a darker and spicier sauce and of course you've got your other variations of gumbo that are known to exist. But, try to get a real bowl of gumbo going anywhere north of the bayou, and all we can say is “bonne chance!” But, you won't need any luck when it comes to our delicious Chicken Gumbo, you'll just need spoons, and plenty of them. Soft, tender, strips of real home-baked white chicken meat, are lovingly layered in with a heaping mix of bell peppers, okra and onions with generous chunks of perfectly cooked sausage that explode with just the right bite and texture, all while swimming in a slow-cooked roux based tomato sauce that is simply to die for. Order some today and bon appetit!

INGREDIENTS: water, chicken, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, sausage, okra, flour, vegetable oil, seasonings


Directions for reheating:
Thaw in refrigerator or under cool running water. Pour into a bowl and heat in microwave or on stove until 165 degrees; stirring occasionally.

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