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When you sit down to a bowl of our Beef Barley soup, you will almost taste it melting in your mouth, before you even have a chance to impulsively reach down and quickly grab for your spoon to try it. The thick aroma of the beef, the hint of barley and onion, mixed with the sweet smell of the carrots is captivating. Our beef is melt in your mouth tender and our seasonings are sensational. You will be compelled to enjoy this soup slowly, or dig in and devour it. Either way, spoonful by delicious spoonful you will have chunks of perfectly cooked, rich beef, savory broth with barley and onion, mingled with the delicate crunch and pop of the carrots. This soup is definitely a beef-lover’s dream come true.


Ingredients: Water, Beef, Barley,Carrots, Onions, Seasonings

 This 64 Oz. Container will feed 4-6 hungry folks.

Directions for reheating:
Thaw in refrigerator or under cool running water. Pour into a bowl and heat in microwave or on stove until 165 degrees; stirring occasionally.

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