About Soup Shop

In early 2009 we had an idea, which can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands, but in our capable digits, our idea would end up bringing warmth and full bellies to soup-craving aficionados all over the area. Our idea was also simple, which are often the very best kind! Our idea was to take our love of creating delicious, mind-boggling good, homemade soup and bring it to those yearning to be freed from the canned, soup-like objects they are stuck with buying in the grocery stores. We would create our hearty, healthy soup from scratch, with only the best ingredients, then deliver it to restaurants to serve to their customers who wanted real soup to savor.

The Soup Shop was born.


We started out serving restaurants all over our local area that wanted to offer the deliciousness, healthiness and homemade quality of our soups to their patrons. But we quickly realized we weren't filling enough bowls. The cry went out in the kitchen, “Let them eat soup!” We knew we had to expand and start offering home-delivery of our bountiful bowls of belly-filling warmth right to our hungry customers' doors. Now in just two short years, we are forming a legion of satisfied, real-soup savoring customers all over the country, who order from us over and over again.


We have decided to keep our offerings down to a select group of our favorite soups that we felt would appeal to the most people and would likely be their favorites too. We take great care and pride in using only the freshest ingredients, bought locally, and making sure that every time we cook we recreate that warm and fuzzy feeling of a real, home cooked family meal. We will probably be adding to our kitchen's offerings in the future, but for now we concentrate on our favorites and strive to create them to perfection each and every time.


Freeing all those people from their can openers and soup-like objects has also allowed us to make a lot of friendships and opportunities along the way. We just want you all to know we do feel blessed to be able to serve you our passion, and we look forward to serving our delicious, real, homemade soup to even more people as we grow.

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